Inland Marine Insurance

protecting your business property that is transported or mobile.


Any business property that is transported, or is mobile can be covered by inland marine insurance. It covers things such as construction tools and supplies and contractors’ equipment that is transported from place to place. This is essential insurance for a business that works on someone else’s property. Inland marine also protects equipment while it is in transit.
  For any business that frequently ships products or equipment, inland marine insurance provides coverage that protects those products and equipment from damage or some other loss. High-value products and materials which are often excluded from standard property insurance policies can be covered by inland marine insurance. Such things as computers,  medical equipment, networking equipment, or even art and photographic equipment can be covered. Inland marine can cover an expensive trade show booth that travels from place to place and is stored at another property.
 Inland Marine is insurance to protect your business’s equipment when it is not in your possession. 
For more in-depth information on Inland Marine coverage, view this file from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners website. 

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